CrimeStopper LVHB55 Hydroblast Washer Fluid Heating System

  • $199.99

The CrimeStopper HYDROblast system is a heated washer fluid system. The heated fluid will allow you to have a cleaner window, faster as well as quicken the defrosting time without having to do anything more than turn ON your windshield washer system that comes on your vehicle now.

  • Efficient heater design based on Aluminum Clad technology
  • Adjustable power consumption (use of PWM – power width modulation)
  • Designed for any washer fluid (elegant freeze/thaw solution is implemented)
  • Can be mounted in any position without limitation
  • Utilizes 3 heaters to heat fluid at start up, steps down to 1 heater when idle
  • Quickly de-ices the windshield
  • Prevents ice build up on wiper blades and arms
  • Effectively cleans the windshield from road salt and grime