Jensen POWER REMOTE Bass Control For Jensen Amps

Jensen POWER REMOTE Bass Control For Jensen Amps

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The Jensen Power Remote is an option for the Jensen POWER500X1 amplifier and some other high-power bass amplifiers. It functions as a remote input level control, bringing the control function from the amplifier to a convenient location with a module that can be mounted under-dash or installed in the dashboard.

This is the ultimate in driver convenience. When the passengers decide on a different type of music than you’ve been listening to, you simply reach down and adjust the bass up or down to get the best sound from the music you’re playing. There’s no need to actually access the amplifier to make the adjustment.

How does it work? The remote input level control uses a 6-pin modular cable for connectivity. Simply plug the cable into the amplifier and then into the remote input level control to activate the circuit. When the amplifier is used to drive subwoofers and the low pass crossover is activated, the module can be used as a remote bass level control. This enables you to control the bass level independent from the rest of the system. This is convenient for system tuning and when playing many different types of music.