RaceSport HALO-DRL Series RS50HALO 46" LED Light Bar

RaceSport HALO-DRL Series RS50HALO 50" LED Light Bar

  • $369.99

240W/21,600LM 46" LED Light Bar w/ Individual Halo DRLs (48.25" Mount to Mount)

Race Sport Lighting's all new HALO-DRL equipped LED light bars are the industry's first and only Halo LED Light Bars.
The signature LED halos provide a daytime running light solution which, according to government studies, increases vehicle safety while on the road during the day.
These light bars take standard DRL’s a step further by offering a high power CREE LED section which offers serious illumination when used off-road.
The High-Powered CREE LED sections use proprietary amplification optics which give you excellent distance and spread. The DRL halos can be independently turned on or used together with the high power LED light bar section and vice versa making this a truly functional light bar.

These light bars feature:
• 10W Cree LEDs
• High-Powered LED halos
• 50,000 hour life span
• Durable aluminum housing
• Low power mode with only the Halos
• Available in 8”, 16”, 23”, 31”, 38”, & 46” Sizes
• Offers increased vehicle visibility off-road and on the trail
• Includes standard L bracket mounts
• Recommended Wire Harness: RS-HARN-SS2 (Sold separately)
• 1 Year Warranty